Author: Amanda

  • bullet journaling into 2021

    bullet journaling into 2021

    My word of 2020 was ‘create’ which I didn’t think too much about after March. The end of December I was reminded of it and was like, ‘well so much for that.’ Then I was like HEY WAIT A MINUTE. I did a whole 100 day digital drawing project and am doing a song a…

  • .001 – Timelapse Rilo Drawing with kiddo

    .001 – Timelapse Rilo Drawing with kiddo

    I bought some small LED lights for my art desk and have been trying a few different set-ups & cameras. The Rilo is super cool, it’s similar to a Go-Pro and takes 360 degree video. I also used my old Canon DSLR and my iPhone X. None of them look as good as I was…

  • Bloggin’ again like it’s two thousand ten

    Bloggin’ again like it’s two thousand ten

    Oh, hi! So this feels weird. I’ve been wondering what blogging again would look like. I used to write often on Ahhh Design which I’ve had for 13 years (woah) – but have only updated the site like 3 times in the last 4 years. I always felt like everything there had to be about…

  • zoom school

    the solid-ness of my child draped over me on a sleepy morning

  • 🎹 You and a Piano

    You sit down at the piano and wiggle a little into a comfortable position.