001 #the100dayproject

Hellllllo, today is day 001 of my 4th (??) #the100dayproject! I’ve been creating some quick drawings in an old Moleskine Cahier Notebook over the last couple of months and was really enjoying being inside of a journal again. I’ve been spending so much time in Procreate – with last year’s project and my weekly art/animation pieces for our band @rushmorebeekeepers – real art supplies are a treat! I’m working in a Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal and it’s lovely so far. I’ll be scribbling as usual and maybe rediscovering collage – we’ll see what happens over the next 99 days. 🖤 – posted on IG

I don’t think I’ll be posting here everyday – maybe weekly round-ups and thoughts. I woke up extra early this morning, grabbed my coffee, put on a new to me podcast about meditation (more on this soon), and started right away. I know myself enough to know that this isn’t going to happen everyday but it’s definitely ideal to have it done early in the day.

xo, Amanda

Custom Gutenberg Color Palettes

The default Gutenberg color palettes are pretty basic. There’s also a way to add a ‘custom’ color but I don’t really want to go hunting for a HEX color code every-time I need it.

original colors

color picker

So, like the true nerdy coding artist that I am, I decided to customize my color palette to match my favorite Procreate colors from my #the100dayproject in 2020!


Who loves icons?!

I do! Quick post to declare my love for Font Awesome and show you how to fill your WordPress site with them.



This will be my fourth year participating in the 100 day project. I finished the project in 2015, 2018 and 2020. Trying to remember why I didn’t do it the other years – it’s a mystery. In 2015 I did little drawings on notecards, 2018 was small square drawings that follow the grid and connect together, and 2020 was Procreate and Apple Pencil illustrations. 🙌

2021 Plan!

I found an old Moleskine Cahier Notebook that my daughter had done some little scribbles in and the last couple months I’ve been drawing inside of it. It’s been years since I worked inside a journal instead of loose paper or canvas and I’m enjoying it. It’s much less pressure than loose paper and especially canvas. Less pressure whenever possible, please. ♥︎

SO, for the project I’m going to keep going with a notebook and see what happens! I knew I wanted a heftier paper and after much research bought a Strathmore Softcover Mixed Media Art Journal (amazon). Excited to get started!!


bullet journaling into 2021

My word of 2020 was ‘create’ which I didn’t think too much about after March. The end of December I was reminded of it and was like, ‘well so much for that.’ Then I was like HEY WAIT A MINUTE. I did a whole 100 day digital drawing project and am doing a song a week project with my band RBK. I also created routines around exercise and bedtime that helped so much, especially when I was feeling all the dread and spending too much time doom scrolling. We created space in our home for the four of us to come together and also for spending time alone when we needed it. Maybe it ended up being the perfect word?

2021 is not getting a word though. On ‘The Mom Hour’ podcast, Hopes For An Uncertain Year: Episode 293, Meagan and Sarah talk about tiptoeing cautiously into the new year which I keep thinking about. In 2020, we learned to live without plans and no end date in sight. This year is no different really – especially with the current pace of the vaccine rollout and sky-high Covid numbers. One day at a time.

But none of that is what this post was supposed to be about. ☺️


.001 – Timelapse Rilo Drawing with kiddo

I bought some small LED lights for my art desk and have been trying a few different set-ups & cameras. The Rilo is super cool, it’s similar to a Go-Pro and takes 360 degree video. I also used my old Canon DSLR and my iPhone X. None of them look as good as I was hoping but I was surprised the Canon looked the worst! Camera phones are so good now, like, woah. I’m going to keep trying tho – I enjoy making videos, especially editing and creating music for them. Watch out Youtube here I come, ha!

Bloggin’ again like it’s two thousand ten

Oh, hi! So this feels weird. I’ve been wondering what blogging again would look like. I used to write often on Ahhh Design which I’ve had for 13 years (woah) – but have only updated the site like 3 times in the last 4 years. I always felt like everything there had to be about planner template downloads. So, it’s funny that I’m already planning a post here about my first real attempt at a Bullet Journal and daily habits for 2021. 😅 What can I say, I love planning! Just like I love the idea of blogging and sharing but also cringe at the idea of anyone actually reading this. The great paradox of my online life, always and forever. Which is why I’m trying to keep this very casual and more of a journal.

Along with a few random posts I’ll mostly be posting art here when I start #the100dayproject on January 31, 2021. More on that soon!

🎹 You and a Piano

You sit down at the piano and wiggle a little into a comfortable position. You flip through lyrics with your pointer finger like you’re enthusiastically telling a story to a crowd, your best moments. The first chord rings out and I recognize the song but don’t at the same time because you love an epic rock pop ballad with a crooning dude and they blend together in my head. I spend a minute observing your frame and profile, how grown-up you look even in your full body fuzzy pajamas. Now you’re singing, quiet at first and I live for the moment you really start belting it out. Your tiny nine year old voice being pushed to the side as you try on a full powerful note. I can see it fill you up and burst back out.

You’ve gotten bigger but still so warm and snuggly and sweet, draped across me on a sleepy morning your solidness anchors me down to the earth. On more dramatic days I wonder what would happen if you got up and I stayed perfectly still. I might float away or turn to air as you breathe in a big gulp and sing again.