Bloggin’ again like it’s two thousand ten

Oh, hi! So this feels weird. I’ve been wondering what blogging again would look like. I used to write often on Ahhh Design which I’ve had for 13 years (woah) – but have only updated the site like 3 times in the last 4 years. I always felt like everything there had to be about planner template downloads. So, it’s funny that I’m already planning a post here about my first real attempt at a Bullet Journal and daily habits for 2021. 😅 What can I say, I love planning! Just like I love the idea of blogging and sharing but also cringe at the idea of anyone actually reading this. The great paradox of my online life, always and forever. Which is why I’m trying to keep this very casual and more of a journal.

Along with a few random posts I’ll mostly be posting art here when I start #the100dayproject on January 31, 2021. More on that soon!