bullet journaling into 2021

My word of 2020 was ‘create’ which I didn’t think too much about after March. The end of December I was reminded of it and was like, ‘well so much for that.’ Then I was like HEY WAIT A MINUTE. I did a whole 100 day digital drawing project and am doing a song a week project with my band RBK. I also created routines around exercise and bedtime that helped so much, especially when I was feeling all the dread and spending too much time doom scrolling. We created space in our home for the four of us to come together and also for spending time alone when we needed it. Maybe it ended up being the perfect word?

2021 is not getting a word though. On ‘The Mom Hour’ podcast, Hopes For An Uncertain Year: Episode 293, Meagan and Sarah talk about tiptoeing cautiously into the new year which I keep thinking about. In 2020, we learned to live without plans and no end date in sight. This year is no different really – especially with the current pace of the vaccine rollout and sky-high Covid numbers. One day at a time.

But none of that is what this post was supposed to be about. ☺️